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  Calling all Web Developers and Programmers! Public
28th December, 2018 (11:53pm) need your help to create a new community hub for the Men's Rights movement!

For far too long the MHRM has been dependent on services that are controlled by people who have an active interest in shutting us down and silencing us. We are all familiar with how Twitter and most Reddit subs operate. It is time to create new hub-site for the community that can act as a backup for the reddit in case of its demise, as well as providing other services. We need your expertise to customise a Reddit clone of some kind such as Phuks!, and use it as the basis to create a fully integrated community. This community would comprise of a website, FAQ, social media, and so on.

We Need Your Help To make This Real

The staff is growing - but it is currently comprised of writers, researchers, and enthusiasts. We do not have the technical know-how to do more than assemble templates and customise basic HTML and CSS. For that reason we need experienced and trustworthy people who are willing to donate their time to make the new hub site. Here is a list of current roles we need filled:

Web Designer familiar with HTML/CSS.

Graphic Designers (we have one, but need more)

Any and all coders familiar with the online environment. Including: PHP/Python/json/Java/etc.

Experts in SEO and security.

Note that these are trusted positions. You will not gain access to the live site immediately, and your code will be reviewed by other applicants. If you are interested and can help please contact us in one of these ways:

The Men's Rights Discord.

The Contact Us Page on Men Are Human.
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