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  Politically Incorrect Edmonton Public
2nd April, 2016 (10:47am)
Monthly social gathering of antifeminists, MRAs, MGTOW, gamergaters and anyone else problematic and/or dank in Edmonton. Interested parties contact Eric Tiberius Duckman.
  Global Parental Alienation Protest Public
26th June, 2017 (9:52am)
Protesting parental alienation. Courtroom protest. 25th July. We are a group of parents with alienated children. We have over 30 locations in the UK and 1 in Canada confirmed so far. It's just standing outside courtrooms and protesting the inability or lack of will to stop parents blocking access to children. We are trying to expand globally as the protest is growing organically due to the simplicity of the actions. Just make a sign and print up some leaflets to raise awareness.

We recently marched through Edinburgh. We speak to people outside courts to highlight the issue and to expand our protest base. It is a low cost protest. Just a sign and some leaflets. I can supply printable leaflets on request.

We organise primarily on Facebook at the moment. I'm here now to try and expand the movement globally. We had good press after our Edinburgh March and made a national newspapers website and a local. Small potatoes but we plan many more protests, a sustained campaign that should gather new members and many more locations. We have Australian members and USA members but they are not confirmed to protest yet on the day.

Long term vision is coordinated waves of global protest to force the judiciary through media pressure to enforce child access and move to 50/50 parenting.
  Copy/Pasta resource for online debate rebukes. Public
1st July, 2017 (1:14am)
I envisage a bank of documents relevant to certain arguments that can be rapidly utilised in internet debates.

For example: Women in top jobs.

This argument comes up commonly when debating feminists in online situations. It would be nice to have a list of women in top jobs that could be instantly copied and pasted to refute the idea that women are held back.

Other examples could be a list of studies showing outcomes of family court, list of links to suicide rates, links to pay equality studies including links to articles refuting discredited studies.

I'm open to ideas on this but I get fed up typing responses to arguments over and over again. I considered just saving replies to my desktop but decided this site would offer a better alternative.

I'm going to ask admin if they can create a heading for this within resources perhaps and if they can make these documents editable for activists and above. I would need assistance in proof reading and fact checking these documents as we are only as strong as our weakest argument. If it is not possible to host these documents here then I would welcome ideas of a suitable platform to store and edit them.

This project is basically looking to provide an online resource for those who are able to spread the message of mens rights in open forums, there are plenty people doing this and it has already resulted in a massive growth in understanding and acceptance of mens rights. I think this will just help streamline that work by providing a prompt rebuke to the oft rolled out tired arguments of the opposing camp.

I welcome any views pertaining to this idea. Please comment your thoughts.
  Sign to keep The Centre for Men's Health open. If closes it sends another clear message on how so few care about men's health (UK) Public
5th July, 2017 (6:08pm)
Sign it
  Jill Lamontagne didn't just have an “affair” with her student, she allegedly abused her authority as a teacher. Here's how to complain. Public
7th July, 2017 (11:12am)
# Problem

An alleged statutory rape that drove a teenage boy to suicide is referred to as an “affair” in the headlines of at least three major newspapers

- “Health teacher and married mother-of-two, 29, allegedly had sex with her 17-year-old student who revealed the affair after he tried to kill himself”

- “Married teacher Jill Lamontagne ‘repeatedly had sex with her 17-year-old student who only revealed the affair after his suicide bid’”

- “Teacher’s alleged affair with student probed after teen attempts suicide”

These are the top three results on Google when I search for “jill lamontagne”. She is an alleged statutory rapist. Her “affair” drove a teenage boy to suicide.

I wonder if that could have been prevented by having major newspapers not call his alleged rape an “affair” (shockingly, doing so in the face of his suicide)?

# Goal

Let's get these newspapers to change their headlines. I'm not a fan of forced apologies — I think they're meaningless — but I think getting these papers to change their headlines would be a meaningful thing to do.

# Method

Let's communicate our disapproval, not mass hysteria. Be polite.

## UK newspapers

The Sun and the Daily Mail both follow the Editors' Code of Practice of the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

When writing your complaint (or filling a form), do not check or cite rule #7, “children in sex cases”. This rule is about taking care not to identify the child, which is not our complaint here. I would cite rule #1, “accuracy”, which says, in part (emphasis mine):

>i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information or images, including headlines not supported by the text.
>ii) A significant inaccuracy, misleading statement or distortion must be corrected, promptly and with due prominence, and — where appropriate — an apology published. In cases involving IPSO, due prominence should be as required by the regulator.

I would make the case that presenting a case of abuse of authority as an affair is a distortion of the facts.

Contact details you can use for The Sun and The Daily Mail when writing complaints are shown below. If you are unsatisfied with the outcome, you can complain directly to the IPSO.

### The Sun

In the case of The Sun, you may also want to complain about the headline not containing the word “alleged”, though I don't know about that; it seems to be a quote.

- Use the complaints form.
- Send a letter through the post:
The Ombudsman,
The Sun,
1 London Bridge Street,
SE1 9GF.
- Tweet @TheSun.

### The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail have an email for factual inaccuracies, but that's quite vague; technically, the alleged crime was also an affair. The Editor's Code, which they also abide by, specifically calls out distortions, which I think is an easier case to make.

- Use the complaints form.
- Send a letter through the post:
Readers’ Editor,
Daily Mail,
Northcliffe House,
2 Derry Street,
W8 5TT.
- Tweet @MailOnline.

## US newspapers

I couldn't find any regulatory bodies in the US for newspapers or online news. The FCC seems to cover news broadcasts, but not news articles.

### NY Post

- Send an email to their online editorial team at
- Call their online editorial team at +1 646 357 3838 (US number).
- Tweet @nypost.
- Perhaps tweet to the author of the article (Tamar Lapin, @tamarlapin).
  6 month accommodation needed for a MRA Public
8th July, 2017 (8:23am)
An active MRA needs a place to live for the next six months starting in August 2017. He has housing arranged for starting in 2018, but his funds are depleted for the moment and is facing homelessness. If you're in the USA, and can offer a room in your house, or other such housing, please let me know. Thank you.
  MRA Meetup in North Carolina Public
24th August, 2017 (11:17pm)
On Sept 2, 2017 there will be a meetup to support the MRM. Please join the, "Lovely Ladies" for a beach party, raffle, prizes and speakers on men's issues. If you can volunteer to help, donate, or simply attend please go here for more details:
  DV, Suicide Warehouse Website Project (WordPress) Public
4th September, 2017 (7:44pm)
WordPress Developer(s) wanted. We're working on a database to warehouse public incidents, news, factual reports that affect men, e.g. DV, Suicide. The aim is that the data will be crowdsourced, i.e. members of the MHRA community can submit articles to add to existing records, or become new records, so a team with some skills will be needed to collate, sift and sort through submissions.

The result will be a source of truth for anyone interested in these issues... and instead of 2200+ suicides reading like a statistic a visitor to this website will be able see what locations are affected and read about individual stories thus humanising them and raising the desire of average people to help.

My plan is to build this on WordPress as a small number of plugins (I haz some skillz) and make them available for anyone in the community to use, and perhaps even clone the whole website for their country.
  Volunteer Position available in the Mens Rights Australia team: Father's counsellor Public
19th September, 2017 (8:50am)
As the Facebook page Men's Right's Australia has increased in popularity I have increasingly got a lot of private messages from Father's going through divorce and other things. Outside of linking them to dads in distress I have been able to offer very little because unfortunately this is an area that I dont know a lot about.
I think it is about time we get somebody who knows a little bit about Australian family law specifically who is willing to answer these private messages and offer words of support to the various men and women contacting the page on behalf of the men in there life's (which seem's more common believe it or not) And the ability to link them to existing services dads in distress or otherwise. By all means message me if you think you are up to the challenge either on this site or
  For equal car insurance Public
11th February, 2018 (6:28am)
Hi everyone, first project here, a repost from a submission I made on reddit (/u/blueorange22)

I've been thinking about how 2018 should be the year the MRM takes a major step forward in public consciousness and influence. For that, we need to upgrade our organization, especially organized activism. So, I just got an idea from a post here, someone asking what is stopping them from putting down "female" on the car insurance form to collect a lower rate. I started answering that they should, but I don't if they'd get in trouble, and that it would be better if lots of men did it at once-so then it hit me...why not organize that very thing?

Let's call for a worldwide "protest" of sorts, using the internet and social media to make it viral, for men to identify as female when applying for car insurance to get the lower rate. What are they going to do? They can rule that it "isn't legitimate", or just change the forms somehow, but if it comes to that, it means we made enough traction for the public attention, which also means the most organized and coordinated effort of the MRM yet. This would bring further attention to MRA issues, and once people start reading the facts and data, it'll be difficult not the realize that we are the side telling the truth, and interest/recognition of the MRM might skyrocket. It will wake up many of the "silent MRAs" around the world who don't say anything or don't see anyway to be active- I think the communication and publicity will lead to more networking and creation of actual local meetup organizations, which is what we really need. Ideally, we can draw out a debate on live news where we'd likely here something like "but male privilege!" to which the MRA being interviewed can, on live TV, mention:

- men are less likely to go to college and get lower grades, partially due to discrimination from female teachers.

- Men are significantly more likely to be homeless

- the male unemployment rate is higher at every age in every racial and age bracket.

- young women now earn more

- conscription

- pension ages

etc. And the best part is, we'll have a source ready for each and every claim.

We could use facebook, twitter, youtube, fliers, literally anything and everything. We could have a hashtag like #lowerrates or #jesspaysless or something.

Just an idea.
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