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By your works shall we know you

Why Should I Identify Myself
You don't have to. You can fill out the form with a non-descript email and an anonymous identifier if you want.

You'll start out as a Pleb, and will have to work your way up through the ranks with successful projects and support from your peers.

If, on the other hand, you've already done the legwork and put in the hours, you can allow us to check your work. First we'll PM you at that reputable site to check it's really you. Then we'll look at your stuff.

If you are already active within the movement and haven't done anything too egregious, we'll change your status accordingly.

This site is largely based on trust, so the more we trust you the more access to data you'll have.

And the more data you have access to, the more the site can help you.

That's why.
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