Terms and Conditions

When I first heard the term "Ts & Cs" - I heard it as "Tease and Seize" - as the meeting in question was about a subscription business I assumed it was a marketing term for teasing a potential client until they commit and then seizing them.

Here are the current conditions of use;

  • This site is entirely free. You will not be asked for any subscription fee.
  • You can criticize and disagree with people as much as you like.
  • The level of information you can access is based on how much you are known and trusted.
  • You go up levels of trustedness based on how many people on that level trust you.
  • People advocating illegal activities will be asked to leave and may be reported to the authorities.
  • Suggesting brigades will not get you thrown out, but we'd prefer more constructive activism.
  • No doxxing - if someone wants to identify themselves, that's their business.'

If there are any significant changes to this page we will issue an alert on the front page.



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