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  Beta Test - PUBLIC Public
21st July, 2016 (12:03pm)

Hey ya,

Thanks for taking part in our Beta Test. Before you register, take a look around. Form some opinions about what you might expect from a site like this. Do we explain things enough, do we explain too much?

Look at the site through 3 sets of eyes.

1. An MHRA - what do you want from this site? Does it provide it? What can we make easier or more intuitive?

2. A curious member of the public - Like an investigative reporter (if they still exist). What impression does the site make?

3. A hostile SJW - where are the site's vulnerabilities? How can you mess this up and abuse the system?

Pages, alerts and projects of the site are classified into four levels of security;

  • Public - Visible to all visitors to the site.
  • Plebs - Visible to people who have registered, but that could be anyone.
  • Activist - These areas are accessible to registered members who have some track record of activism.
  • Shitlord - These areas are only visible/accessible to members who are above reproach.

This is a completely free site. We will never ask anyone for fees or even donations.

After you've looked around, Register (you"ll need a valid email address) and Confirm your membership via the email you'll be sent from the site.

If you do not recieve an email within 10 minutes - please let us know via the Contact Us page.

Once you've confirmed, you"ll be logged in as a Pleb.

Any ideas you have, even ill-considered idle notions, please let us know by writing it into the Contact Us page while you're logged in.

This Alert has been called "Beta Test - PUBLIC" and is viewable by everyone who comes to the site. Once you"re logged in as a Pleb, you'll be able to read the next Alert called "Beta Test - PLEB". It has more information about testing the site.




What's with all the redacted text?

Each Alert is marked with a particular security rating.  If the Alert is rated as higher than your level you won't be able to read it.

Alternately, you may be at the highest security rating but have forgotten to log in.


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