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What is the MHRM and what do we do? Do we oversee sandwich mines, protest Star Wars movies, or vote for a particular political party?

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The thing that MHRAs are very good at is research, being accurate and being rational.  We have good ideas and understand how to create effective and fair systems.

The thing we suck at is networking.

Several times now, I've heard prominent MHRAs say "people come up to me and ask; what can I do to help?" And their reply is usually along the lines of; "I don't know, what can you do?"  And that's the thing; lots of people want to help and lots of people need help but they have trouble finding each other.

How this site works;

1. You add your skills to our database.

That's it. You never know what might be useful.  Simply being in a particular state or job or frame of mind can be useful.

You can do more of course, but that's the core of the system; letting people know what you can do and that you are willing to help.

When one of the members creates a project that requires your skills, you will be emailed about it.  You may not be interested in it - so don't reply.  Or it may be a perfect fit. So you reply and help out.

You can also create your own projects and shoutout to people who have skills that you need. And you can be as specific as you like.  If you're doing a project on a specific type of suicide you can call on all Transsexual males in Vancouver with depression (see, state of mind can be useful).  Or people with an encyclopedic knowledge of Game of Thrones, or people who have a knowledge of the Law in South Australia.

You can be as involved as you like. Set your contact settings to real-time and you'll be notified by email as soon as a project comes up that needs your skills.  Or set it to weekly or monthly or never.  If you set it to never, you'll have to come to the site to see if there's anything for you.

We'll also be sending out occasional Alerts to let you know of major milestones.  (You can set that to no-contact as well, if you like)

If you're interested, go ahead and register.  It's all free.







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